Looking at my site stats, I’ve been getting a lot of Google search referrals. Especially to this post. How on earth is that possible? Talking to a friend who came across that post via Google+, I realized WordPress says that Google+ is Google Search in the referrals section of the analytics. Something to keep in mind in the future…

Interestingly a day after I post about the importance of UX in notebooks, I get 44 hits (via WP Stats) to my Main Page! From what I can tell, there are no referrers, which means the main page is still a useful feature of this notebook.

WP Time

I have noticed for a while that WP time is off by several hours. That wasn’t a big deal until this weekend when the stats between WP stats and GA didn’t match at all. I had a hunch that it had to do with the time issue and discovered that I was right. I just found the time settings in WP and set it as MST from its default value of UST.

CHTM Cooling System Down

Since this past Friday (Sept ¬†23, 2011) the cooling system at CHTM has been down. I’m not sure if it is turned off for the impending winter or temporarily broken. This means that right now the lab is a toasty 92F and has been that way all weekend long. Unfortunately this can potentially mean a lot with regards to my seed growth experiments. Now I’m not sure if this is actually the case, but I think with regards to the experiments it may be in the best interest to scrap Try 2 for both the Repeating Crumley and the DDW Effects on Seed Growth until the temperature becomes a bit more¬†stabilized. Now I will still record data and keep track of the experiments, but I will not include these results in any final markups. But that doesn’t mean I can’t learn something from these experiment!

water purchases added to post

I wanted to make it known that I updated the Repeating Crumley Setup post to include the source of the water used in the experiments. Check out that link for the info you may need.

Google +1

Well I’ve been playing with Google+ this morning and realized that I would really like a +1 button. It might not be too bad to implement, but currently I’m using the Sharedaddy plugin that comes with Jetpack for self-hosted WordPress blogs, and I really don’t want to have another plugin that would ruin the very nice formatting. Doing a little bit of searching I found that Sharedaddy for blogs (hosted on has been updated to include the +1 button which can display dynamically. Hopefully this gets added to us self-hosted peeps soon so we can all have the same nice benefits.

A Note About Images

I just learned that WordPress does something peculiar with images. When I upload an image it is associated with a permanent link:

The image then gets converted to a standard size (1024 x 768 px) for embedding in the galleries that you see. The gallery will contain a thumbnail version and if clicked will take you to the compressed version. If you right click this image you can select “View Image” from the dropdown:
From here you will be taken to a url like this:×764.jpg

If you want to look at the original image (for instance in the case of all my high-res seed pictures) then you just need to truncate the extension to get something like this:

Get it?