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I’ve already published two accomplishments of success stories that deal with open notebook science, and I hope to have many more. I’ve created a tag that will help me organize all the success stories. And now I want to hear from the world.

Do you have an open notebook? Did you learn something new from someone with an open notebook? Did you teach someone something new from your open notebook? Did you convince someone to go open notebook? Anything at all will do.

I want to hear your story and I want to publish it. We can’t change the world without testimonials and it would be easier to build a strong case for ons if they can all be found in one convenient location.

So let the world know what you have to say, either leave a comment on this post so we can get the conversation started or email me: anthonysalvagno(at)gmail(dot)com and we’ll work together to get your story out there.

Another success of open notebook science

Speaking with a friend, I was told that people in her class gave a presentation about my OpenWetWare open notebook. That in itself is success, the fact that someone that I don’t know came across my notebook, and talked about the benefits of having an online account of lab experiments, protocols, etc without my intervention is pretty impressive to me. (From what I was told, they came across my notebook because of my connection to UNM and I suppose they were familiar with OpenWetWare in some capacity.)

My friend made it known that she knew me personally and I suppose talked with the group about having an open notebook. This part wasn’t clear to me, but at some point someone asked her what she thought about having an open notebook (not what she knew about what I thought) and apparently worked some magic.

From what I understand, she discussed sharing data in real-time, sharing protocols, etc including all the success I’ve had from keeping an open notebook. She told her classmates that she wanted to have one (right now timing isn’t right, but I’ll get through before I’m done at UNM) and they all got excited. She said they were really interested in me presenting to them all (and maybe a larger group) about what tools are available for ONS, what should be required for keeping an open notebook, etc.

At this point I was too excited to listen any more and all I could think about was teaching others about ONS. I mentioned in my previous post about giving an ONS workshop here at UNM and this is what I was alluding to. Since the semester is nearing an end I won’t be able to talk during class, but hopefully I can work something out so that I can give a workshop very soon. I’m already working with the UNM Graduate Resource Center to give a workshop on how to use Illustrator over the summer and I may expand that to lead a workshop about alternative presentation tools (basically what else exists other than powerpoint). I think I can enlist their help to create this other workshop.

Hmmm… IheartAnthony’s Workshops. Do you?

I like the sound of that!

Mini-success for open notebook science

I’ve been talking to a lot of non-open scientists lately and I can tell they are really intrigued by what I do (as far as openness is concerned). My friend John is beginning to see the power in open access and so are a few others. This is a success in my book because every little bit helps.

But lately I started to date someone (Jacqueline) who immediately was turned on by the idea of open notebook science. She thought it was really cool but said there was almost no way her advisors would let her do it.

Anyways, Jacqueline just started a rotation in a molecular biology lab at the UNM Cancer Research Facility (which I just found out has no mention online, so sorry no link) and she is being trained to do transformations of E. coli, PCR, ligations, etc. To help her get an understanding of the experiments she will be carrying out I showed her my OpenWetWare notebook which houses all my molecular biological information.

I told her it’s all open so she should feel free to browse around and I explained how I set my notebook up to help make her navigation a bit easier.

The next day Jacqueline approached me and told me how useful my notebook was for her in understanding the experiments and to understand the setup. She then told me the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard…

“I want an open notebook.”

And of course I told her she could have one, and that I would explain how I’ve come to use various media to record information. A crash course in open notebook science if you will. And I’m extremely excited to teach the lesson, and I’m sure she is equally excited to learn about it.

But this little anecdote reminds me of an important issue. At ScienceOnline 2012, it was asked in my ONS session if there should be a site that is dedicated to open notebook success stories. The point would be to show people the benefits of open notebook science so there would be less hesitation to join the fun.

I agree that something should be set up and I’ll need to speak with some people that I met at the conference as well as other leaders in the field to try and establish some success stories (both big and small) that would be worth mentioning. I think at the very least, there should be a comment type setup, where people can just leave their own success stories. That would be very powerful. A shorter version of the story above would be an excellent candidate.

Brian Glanz of the Open Science Federation (got it right this time) had a brief discussion about it with me at the conference and he mentioned it on a post of mine here. Let’s brain storm this idea and get it off the ground!