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Arabidopsis Growth Try 4: Week 5

Arabidopsis Growth Try 4: Week 3

Arabidopsis Growth Try 4: Week 2

The plants are one week old! They seem to be doing really well, for the most part. As expected, as the concentration of D2O increases the plants develop slower. Also as expected the plants also exhibit leaf decolorization. Notice how in 60, and 70% D2O the leaves are a pale green. In 80% the plants are too small to notice growth. It also seems that the plant in 5% D2O is growing the fastest, which seems to be in line with my observations from the last trial run, and also with hypotheses from my dissertation (to be posted as soon as it is all finished). I will have to record some observations of the plants in DDW and compare them to 5% D2O and 10% D2O.