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Arabidopsis Growth Try 4: Week 5

Arabidopsis Growth Try 4: Week 3

Arabidopsis update

This will probably be the last update. I’m going to (1) need to take a break until after I defend, and (2) need to start a new experiment because the plants are running low on media. I did just buy these awesome 1in diameter test tubes which should give the plants all the media and water they could need for a longer period of time. Anyways let’s go to the pictures:

Arabidopsis growth update

Ever since I added a timed incandescent bulb to the system, the plants have been flourishing! That’s a gross over exaggeration, but they’ve been growing faster and better than prior. Check them out! I think next week I’ll add some 20% D2O plants and start charting their growth.20130109-125256.jpg



Arabidopsis growth update

This batch of arabidopsis seeds seems to be faring much better. I added an incandescent bulb to my lighting on Monday and the plants appear to be taking much better than with the fluorescent alone. I need to get another timer to put that light on so the plants can have a full 16 hours of both lights.

I also added some micropore tape (used for wounds and stuff) to seal my samples. This allows the plants to breathe and hopefully minimize evaporation. The corks that I was using before seem to do a good job, but I was always fearful that I was hindering air transfer. This method gives me a little better peace of mind.

Here are some seedling images for your viewing pleasure:




Arabidopsis Growth Week 4 – End

So it seems that my plants of 3 weeks growth somehow stunted their growth and are beginning to die. Because of that I’m starting a second round of plants. Hopefully this time I get some growth. If not, I may need to buy a grow lamp.

I’ve also reached out to some plant biologists here at UNM in hopes they could teach me the basics of plant growth. Let’s see what turns up. Later today I’ll write up my experimental details once I get the experiment started.

Arabidopsis Growth

I haven’t inspected deeply, but a lot of the seeds in all my samples have started to sprout. This is good news indeed :)