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Yeast morphology in 80% D2O

Yeast Colonies in 60% D2O YPD

So I suck at my own microscopy technique of taking pictures and combining them. In each case I left out a pretty sizable portion of the colony. :( Oh well. I’m going to do these experiments again (cause I made 2 sets of each type of solid media, 0%-100% D2O) and will be taking new images then. Can’t wait!!

80% D2O YPD Solid Media

  1. Water (already prepared and antibiotic added):
    • 32ml D2O YPD
    • 8ml DI YPD
  2. 0.8g agar
  3. Stir and heat on hotplate
  4. Pour 15-20ml into petri dish and allow to cool
  5. seal with parafilm

Yeast grown in 60% D2O