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Yeast grown in 60% D2O

60% D2O YPD plates Setup

  1. Water (already prepared and antibiotic added):
    • 24ml D2O YPD
    • 16ml DI YPD
  2. 0.8g agar
  3. Stir and heat on hotplate
  4. Pour 15-20ml into petri dish and allow to cool
  5. seal with parafilm

60% D2O Time Trial

Setup. I actually did this experiment yesterday, but time constraints prevented me from posting the live results (which is funny because that requires literally 5 minutes, oh well). Anyway here is some fun data:

40% D2O Yeast colonies comparison

Attached are some images taken of the colonies with my iPhone, my iPhone macro lens, and my iPhone microscope (respectively). Notice the difference in growth and colony size:

40% D2O yeast cell morphology

It is tough to determine differences between the 20% D2O cells and these, but they appear slightly more spherical and also a bit larger. Evidence of stalled cellular division is not yet apparent. Check out the cells: