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New Yeast

I have no idea when this will get here, but I put in an order for some new S. cerevisiae. I think on Monday I’ll have Alex grow another starter culture and then on Tuesday, we’ll try and get better resolution under the microscope than we got last time.

Anyways, here is what I’ve ordered (from

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Yeast Day 2

These are the results of the “experiments” we did yesterday and Tuesday. The difference between the samples is that the cultures from Tuesday were streaked from a colony on another plate whereas the cultures that grew last night were streaked from liquid media. So it seems this yeast doesn’t grow so well from a single colony on agar. Further evidence to prove that I should just get a more common strain.

Yeast and E. coli Day 2

First off, how come yeast has a common  name but E. coli doesn’t? Can we call it shitus?

Anyways yesterday Alex and I did some follow up work after starting some cultures. She did a good job notebooking the experience so I won’t double up on her thoughts. Check that out here.

We took some pictures of the e.coli and the yeast which turned out pretty bad. I’ll have to try and take some better images today or something. In general though it looks like the yeast we have isn’t what we thought it was. It may not be a mutant of S. cerevisiae but may be some version of Schizosaccaramyces pombe (I hope I spelled that right, I like the first name a lot) because it looked nothing like budding yeast.

The result of this is that I will be ordering some new yeast straight up from that is of some variety that I commented on in Alex’s notebook (hopefully).

E. Coli and Yeast Incubation

I’m showing Alex some sterile technique and how to inoculate yeast and e. coli via liquid media and solid (agar) media.

Today we plucked a few colonies of yeast from our starter batch (which may need to be replenished soon) and streaked the cells onto some YPD plates. One plate is in an incubator/shaker at 24C and the other is sitting at RT. We also inoculated a colony in 10mL of YPD.

For the E. coli, we did essentially the same thing, but we are doing 1 plate of LB media (agar) and 1 10mL test tube of LB broth.

Tomorrow we will try for some OD readings, and then we will try to setup time point growth experiments. It should be noted this is all in regular H2O. Right now I want Alex to get familiar with the process and then we will start doing some DDW and D2O studies probably in a couple of weeks.

#SciFund Challenge Accepted!

If you watch “How I Met Your Mother” you’ll get the title of this post. But if you don’t then I’ll let it be known that I have just completed my submission for the second #SciFund challenge which is hosted by Here is my submission:

Effects of DDW on Microorganisms

Yeast Update

I realized that I left stuff in the incubator all through the weekend into today. When I checked my samples, there was a ton of growth. So much so that the cultures on the dish were 3D and the liquid culture I had had some amorphous yeast blob on the bottom. It was pretty crazy. I poured that stuff down the drain and I’ll make a new culture in the morning (since I won’t be here tomorrow afternoon to check it out, plus I’m out of autoclaved test tubes).