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The bread is ready

The yeast has spread into colonies (yay), but the E. coli have not. I don’t get what is happening there, but I’ll try growing them in liquid media and seeing what happens. Tomorrow I’ll check on the e. coli and decide what to do from there. In the mean time, I’ll also start a liquid media batch of yeast to grow side-by-side with the e. coli.

Let’s get it…

Baking Bread!

and poop to some extent…

Ahem! I started cultures of e. coli and s. cerevisiae streaking cells on some plates to be incubated overnight and beyond. From here I will pick colonies and grow flasks of them to get familiar with the growth rates so I can take data. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be getting some preliminary results by the end of the week!

Here is some info about my cells:

E. coli: XL1-Blue MRF’ competent cells that are designed to replicate pBluescript

Yeast: S. cerevisiae of the variety g160/2d

Project Outline for DDW Effects on Microorgansims

Another page for project outlining that will change over time.

UPDATE: I changed the embed code so the map has live update capabilities.

Preplanning for DDW with E. coli: Thread

Since I have no concrete method for performing the DDW experiments with E. coli, I’m starting a thread to discuss possible steps that should be taken. I’ll summarize the results of this conversation (hopefully not with myself) in another post that will lay out the plan. If you have anything to contribute please don’t hesitate to add to the discussion.