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DDW3: Day 9 (DI and Tap)

As explained earlier, this is the post of di and tap water samples. The first day of ddw and simulated water samples will come tomorrow. Right now some seeds in these samples are floating and some are at the sample bottom making it hard to get a picture of all the samples. Once the seeds absorb enough water, they will sink and I’ll be able to align them for imaging.

DDW3: Day 8 (yesterday) (DI and Tap)

I included the pictures of the no growth seeds. By now these seeds should have sprouted, which is why I think that I may have used D2O instead of DDW. Hopefully I corrected that today with the new samples. I’m still filing them under DDW3 and don’t care what you think.

Ok I do care. Please don’t cry. I love you…

DDW3: DDW Redo

As I mentioned yesterday, there is a potential D2O contamination so today Alex and I (wait, who’s Alex?) redid the DDW and the simulated water samples with DDW. We’ll check in on the growth process from time to time starting tomorrow.
I think I’m going to separate the posts into days by water type. By this I mean I will post DDW and simulated water as separate posts than the tap and DI water and label their development accordingly. Perhaps something like “DDW3: Day X (Tap and DI)” as an example.

Which reminds me, the next update will come this morning. I took pictures last night, but had to run out of the lab rather hastily. So I will post those pictures today.

DDW3: Potential Contamination

So the seeds in the DDW have yet to sprout. I’m thinking that I accidentally used D2O instead of DDW. I’ll set up the DDW experiments tomorrow and chart their growth. I’ll maintain what I have now in case the seeds sprout, but I doubt it. I’m also going to post on all the DDW3 so far to alert readers and future me that the DDW samples may in fact be D2O samples.

DDW3: Day 4

I have to admit how surprised I am that the arabidopsis seeds have grown so quickly. I guess this is why they are so useful for genetics experiments.

No pictures this weekend.


DDW3: Day 3

DDW3: Day 2

I almost didn’t post these pictures, because nothing had happened yet. Then I looked at the tap water sample of arabidopsis seeds.

What’s that there?

Oh a sprout! Let the experiment begin!