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DDW3: Update On All

I decided to do an update on all seeds in one post. Some notes:

  • I can’t explain why the ddw and simulated water samples for tobacco (Virginia Gold, vg) and the simulated water sample for arabidopsis (columbia arabidopsis, ca) haven’t sprouted.
  • Arabidopsis in ddw has sprouted root hairs and it is just day 6 for that sample. Hopefully we’ll get something amazing to happen in the coming days.
  • The tap water sample of tobacco seeds is completely germinated and the seedlings are floating on the water surface. This is why it looks like there are just seeds in that sample.

Other observations?

DDW3: Day 4 (ddw and sim)

Pictures taken Sunday, posted today.

DDw3: Day 3 (ddw and sim)

Pictures taken Saturday, posted today.

It troubles me that nothing is growing except for the arabidopsis in DDW. Perhaps I used the wrong water again (except in the ddw case)? I don’t think that is likely though, I was careful this time. There is also a chance that the seeds got crushed. I let Alex prepare the experiment and she doesn’t have the fine motor control that I do. While I jest, there is a chance that the seeds are destroyed. I’ll give it a few more days and then setup DDW4 if these seeds don’t grow.

Enhanced Image of Arabidopsis in DDW (day 3)

I decided to try and look at the full resolution image (found here) and think I noticed something. Generally I don’t look at the full resolution pictures, but I decided to try it here because I noted that you could see a radicle (preroot) but the image isn’t clear. So I blew it up and you can slightly make it out in the center of the image shown above.

The thing that I noticed isn’t that though. What I noticed is that if you look at the seeds to the right, it looks as if there are some hairs already growing out of the seed. Now I’m not declaring this to be the caseĀ becauseĀ it is really tough to tell, but my brain is giving me the impression that there are root hairs, and I thought I’d open it up for discussion. What do you think? If it isn’t clear from the above image (which will get bigger if you click it) then click the original image link (linked above) and let me know what you think.

DDW3: Day 11 (tap and di)

I zoomed out for the tobacco seed in tap water sample (VG, tap) because I noticed that one seedling began to float. It appears there are very little root hairs on this sample, which was noticed in the previous (usable) trial. Notice that both arabidopsis and tobacco seeds have root hairs in DI water, which entices me to see what happens in DDW (still at Day 2). Will record progress…

DDW3: Day 2 (ddw and sim)

You can’t tell, but the ddw sample of arabidopsis (CA) has one seed that has already sprouted. So I think my hunch that I used D2O in the other batch is correct because those seeds still haven’t sprouted yet (Day 11).

DDW3: Day1 (ddw and sim)

Let the data retrial begin!