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RC6 DI Water: Setup Part 1

It’s time to track seed germination, and eventually growth rate (once we get some automation software going), and that means another Repeating Crumley style experiment. I really don’t like calling it that because I’m no longer repeating Crumley, but the fact remains the experimental setup is identical so I’m still going to refer to it as the RC experiments. This time I’m doing only DI water (our commercial waters compared against building purified waters), hence naming it RC6 DI Water and categorizing it RCW. Ok with that said lets get into the setup:

  1. 8 analyslides (see Experiment Product Page on top) contain 30-40 seeds of one of two different types. Either Virginia Gold #1 or Havanna type tobacco seeds. Each slide contains one of four different water origins (CHTM or RoDI purified or Sigma purchased Molecular Biology pure or Tissue Culture pure). So there is 1 seed type for each water type (hence the 8 samples). I feel like I didn’t explain that well…
  2. I poured VG#1 seeds into one of four different analyslides, then poured the Havanna seeds into the four other samples.
  3. I then pipetted 6mL of each water type into each of the slides.
  4. I closed the slides by pressing the top onto the bottom around the rim of the slide.
  5. I then put the slides into the fridge to synchronize growth.

Tomorrow I will remove the samples, seal them with vaccuum grease, and then take day 0 pictures.