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RCW: Day 4

RCW: Day 3

RCW: Day 2

Looks like we are on the verge of sprouting in all samples.

RCW: Day 1

RCW: Day 0

Notice for this trial there is no sample with no seeds. Here’s some nomenclature for you:

  • rodi – Easypure RoDI water purified in the lab
  • chtm –  deionized water produced in house at CHTM
  • smb – purchased commerical water from Sigma that is molecular biology grade
  • stc – purchased commerical water from Sigma that is tissue culture grade
  • h – havanna tobacco seeds
  • vg – virginia gold #1 tobacco seeds

RCW: Setup Part 2

At 11:30am MST I removed the samples from the refrigerator and sealed them with vacuum grease (see Experiment Product Page). This step is always so time consuming and I would really like to figure out a better way to do this. I basically use a small cylindrical tool (it’s a plastic scraper tool for plating cells) and just smear the grease all over the interface between the top and bottom of the analyslide.

After applying the sealant, I perturb the dish enough so that most of the seeds end up in the middle of the sample. This involves me shaking the “slide” around until I feel I have a good distribution in the viewable area of the dish.
I’ll make a video of my methods and put it on BenchFly when I get some extra hands in the lab. Hopefully that will clear things up.

Pictures of Day 0 seeds to come in about 30 minutes.