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The Repeating Crumley-ONS Project: Next Steps

Slightly over a month ago, I came across the Winnower and began a project in open notebook science. The concept was to upload notes from my notebook to the Winnower, archive the notes, and get DOI’s for each post. Then I would write 2 papers: one to summarize the experiment and the other to theorize a complete publication system that would incentive open documentation of real-time research (open notebook science). I chose the Repeating Crumley experiment for this experiment in ONS, and you can read about the reasoning here.

Well I’m happy to say that I’ve completed Steps 1, 2, and 3! I’ve posted every notebook entry in the RC series (there’s a physics pun there somewhere) to the Winnower and received DOI’s for almost every post. A few posts didn’t translate, at all, on the platform. They are uploaded, but I didn’t bother with the DOI. Regardless, you can go on any of my Winnower posts and get a DOI (or click through to my notebook),  or look through the RC entries and click the DOI to get to the Winnower archive of that post.

One cool side effect of this project was that a Twitter friend noticed a post that had embedded .gifs and I think I am now credited with being the first to publish a scientific paper with embedded .gif’s.

Now it’s time to write the paper based on all this research. I got the process started a couple years ago with a Google Doc about the project. I think I never followed through, because I didn’t value the traditional publication process. I think open science and peer review publication are on a course to merge and the incentives for ONS will shift, but this is a topic for another time.

Anyway, here is the previous write-up which I’ll work on, merge with some info from my dissertation, and to which add some new thoughts.

This part may take some time…

Growth of tobacco seeds in low concentrations of deuterium

Growth of tobacco seeds in DDW.
Growth of tobacco seeds in DDW (0.0001% D2O).
Growth of tobacco seeds in DI water.
Growth of tobacco seeds in DI water (0.0156% D2O).
Growth of tobacco seeds in 1% D2O.
Growth of tobacco seeds in 1% D2O.
tobacco seed root length
Tobacco seed root length growth.

Steve’s blind experiment part 2


Here are some more notes from today using the latest batch of slideshows. Some interesting observations were made.

Steve’s blind experiment notes



I’m not sure if these are useful but in the spirit of openness here are Steve’s notes during the blind seed analysis experiment. The slideshow analysis is first then the day 11 picture analysis and on image 2 is day 4 notes with a graph that Steve draws a lot that I have yet to fully grasp.

RC5: Time-Lapse Images

Here is the post that compiles all the time-lapse slideshows into one post.