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Repeating Crumley Try 2: Setup

I am on Trial 2 of the Repeating Crumley Experiment. Trial 1 was a pretty decent success, but I ran into some issues regarding image acquisition, experiment stability, and water evaporation. I made some adjustments and began the experiment again. Here is how I setup the second trial:

  • There are 20 seeds of the Dark Virginia variety from the Tobacco Seed Company in each sample.
  • There are 8 water samples: di water, deuterium depleted water, 33% d2o in di water, 66% d2o in di water, 99.9% d2o, 33% d2o in ddw, 66% d2o in ddw, and a sample of di water without any seeds.
  • The sample of di water with no seeds is acting as a control to monitor the possibility of fungal/mold growth. 20 seeds were added to water and allowed to incubate in solution for 30 minutes. At the end of the incubation period the seeds were removed and the sample was sealed.
  • The seeds were added to each sample container (analyslides), and a water type was added immediately after seed addition.
  • After closing the samples, clear nail polish was added around the rim to seal the chambers from the surrounding environment.
  • Data is taken using a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910.
In the previous trial, the images were taken from below the samples. This resulted in several sample drops. In this trial, I have placed the samples flat on the lab top and am taking data from above the samples. In this manner, the samples have been significantly less agitated then before.
My biggest worry is that the nail polish has/will contaminate(d) the water samples, producing undesirable results. I have ordered a bunch of supplies to test what may create the best seal, while creating the least amount of interaction with the sample water. That experiment will be started as soon as possible and the result will be used to create a third trial run.

RC2: Day 5

RC2: Day 4

I haven’t had much time to study these pictures, but from quick observations it looks like the seeds in 33% d2o mixed with ddw are sprouting before the seeds in 33% d2o mixed with di water. Another interesting thing to note is the seeds in pure di water are sprouting slowly. I’m hoping that my use of nail polish to seal the analyslides hasn’t ruined the experiment.

RC2: Day 3

It should be noted that I shifted all the seeds around in most of the samples so there was a decent distribution in the center of the sample as opposed to being near the edges and near the meniscus. Hopefully everything will remain like this and I won’t have to ever touch the samples for the next 10 days.

RC2: Day 2

Looks like there are a few sprouts already…

RC2: Day 1

Repeating Crumley Try 2: Day 0

I’m going to start naming this series RC2: Day X so it’s a little shorter for me to type out. Notice there are two new samples to keep track of. I’m doing percentages of D2O in both DI water and deuterium depleted water.

Post about setup is coming soon and so will the live results page.