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Dual Blogging: Why you should be an open notebook scientist

Up on Science Exchange is my latest post in the ONS series. Today’s post talks about the incentives for doing open notebook science. Here is a snippet:

The inherent transparency to ONS forces you to think more critically about your research.


Knowing beforehand that your research will be open for scrutiny, you’ll think twice about taking that minor shortcut in the lab that may save you twenty minutes. And if you take the shortcut and decide not to publish, you’ll be critiqued for the omission. By consequence, publishing openly in real time forces you to be careful, thorough, and explicit. No one will be able to question the integrity of your research, because the entire record will be available to anyone.

You can read the rest of the article here: Open Notebook Series: Why You Should Be An Open Notebook Scientist.

And once you are done with that, you can check out my commentary on another issue in ONS. I was asked in DC last week how I would make money from open notebooks. I replied, “I wouldn’t” which was met with some hostility. Check out the rest of my answer here: Can you make money from open notebook science?

A discourse on open notebook science: dual blogging!

I’m going to be doing an interesting experiment. I’m writing a series of guest blog entries about open notebook science for Science Exchange. The first one is already published: What is Open Notebook Science? Here is a snippet:

Ideally, every scientist could maintain an open notebook in real-time which would encompass all aspects of their research. But many fears about dealing with complete open access, conflicts with patent applications and publications, and online data overload and hamper this movement. To combat this, practitioners (like myself) encourage any form of open notebook science, even if that means uploading some information for a project from many years ago that never saw the light of day.

From what I’ve heard it’s been pretty well received and people are clamoring for the second entry which I’ve just completed a draft of and should be revised and posted either tonight or tomorrow (of course I’ll link to that).

Now here is the interesting experiment part of it. I’ll be outlining major components of ONS over at Science Exchange, and I’ll be using this notebook to go into interesting details that I wouldn’t normally be able to on that platform. I’ve already discussed one such topic here a while ago: Is there room for advertising in open notebooks?

And if you have any questions about ONS, getting started, ways to enhance your notebook, or anything of that nature feel free to leave a question/comment either via Twitter, Facebook, the comments, or via email. I’m always all over communication!