About Me

I like vests!

Contact me: anthonysalvagno(at)gmail(dot)com

I started in the KochLab in 2007 as a 1st year grad student in the Physics and Astronomy department at the University of New Mexico. I was introduced to open science at that point and have evolved along with the evolution of open science itself. I started using OpenWetWare.org as my first open notebook, and eventually moved on to experiments with various other platforms including Google Docs. Recently I decided that there was no better platform than blogging and used IheartAnthony to host my new notebook. Here it will be the most complete and thorough notebook I can possible produce and I hope to be a shining example for all future open notebook scientists.

About Anthony: Anthony is an advanced ape that understands logic, creativity, emotion, and expression. He displays great cognitive skills with somewhat limited communication skills. It seems that he’s some kind of new smart ape. He claims he is an artist extraordinaire, a lover and a fighter, and a damned fine scientist.

Do you?

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