Repeating Crumley Publication Prep

  1. I need a title for the paper. I’ve always called it Repeating Crumley, and maybe it makes sense to continue that trend, but is there a more fitting/descriptive name? Does it even matter?
  2. I think it makes sense to create .gifs from all the plant germination images for each sample of each experiment.
    1. From RC1-4 I had slideshows, which allowed you to click through each sample at your own pace. Then after I had started making .gifs (especially since that was around the time of memes on the web).
    2. I still think it makes sense to have all the data as pictures as well. If they aren’t already there, I will upload all the images to figshare, and have a separate dataset as gifs.
  3. Should the gifs be stored via my notebook (and thus the Winnower), or figshare?
    1. Both?
    2. Since the Winnower can actively display the .gifs, this has my preference, but I’m not sure. Maybe both… just because.
  4. Making a citation list for every notebook entry may be tiring, but it must be done.
  5. I’ll have to go through my figshare profile to see what data is currently up there.
  6. I worry that I don’t remember some of the data analysis methods. I think the only one I have absolutely no recollection of is the root length vs time graph. I remember it happening but I don’t remember going from Point A to B. I think of this like getting in the car and driving to work. You remember getting in the car, but you have no recollection of the in-between time because you were lost in thought. This is what happens when your brain is in Dissertation/Defense mode.
  7. The primary focus on this paper is going to be about the replication of the Crumley experiment through my methods and the difference in our results. I will include some of the cooler data, but won’t be able to write a follow-up (yet) since there is insufficient data on some of the cooler experiments. But I can show preliminary stuff!

I think that’s all I got now. I’ll keep adding notes like this when I get more ideas, come across roadblocks, or something else.