Tracking my stress through weight

Since I’ve been told that stress is a factor in weight gain/loss I’m going to openly track my weight over the next few weeks until I defend and submit my dissertation, and potentially after that. Hopefully I can maintain a stable weight or lose a few lbs and avoid gaining weight as I approach the day. Check it out:

  • Bill

    There’s something wrong with your measurements: no way can you synthesize an entire pound of fat in a single day! Presumably the error will be quantifiable as variance when you have enough data.

    • Anthony Salvagno

      weight gain is mostly through food weight. I ate an entire box of samoas last night after dinner. Also the weigh-in was after I drank a liter of water (for my workout). Body waste removal processes will usually be prior to weigh-in but this morning was not possible. I’m sure my true weight will reveal itself in a few days. Also it should be noted that my weight fluctuates wildly. There may be a day when I lose two or three pounds. The trend is really all that matters.