#Scio13 Electronic and Open Notebook Session – Background to ONS

If you are going to ScienceOnline 2013 and are interested in attending the Electronic and Open Lab Notebook Session then there are some things you need to know about open notebooks. Luckily I’ve been writing about open notebook science for a while and have been compiling useful information for the benefit of everyone. Feel free to peruse my articles on the subject and be ready to bring some interesting thoughts to SciO13.

About ONS (the introduction)

The Impacts of ONS

As usual feel free to leave comments below, or bring your comments to ScienceOnline 2013. Or better yet, contribute some thoughts on twitter and make sure you @mention me (@Thescienceofant) and my co-moderator Kristen Briney (@brineydeep4) and tag it #scio13.