Yeast Adaptation Day 3

My original yeast is still going in D2O. There hasn’t been much growth in the past 48 hours. And to hopefully achieve a faster/more efficient form of adaptation, I’m growing yeast in slightly increasing amounts of D2O. Today I started growing in 20% D2O (mixed with DI water to save money).

After 48 hours of growth the yeast in DDW measured 3.327 in the nanodrop.

Also I noticed that the YPD in DDW aggregated. This took about 12 days. I’ve never had this happen in D2O, except one time it did in a 1ml amount in a cuvette. That took about 14 days. And it was next to a heat source during that entire time. So it would be interesting to test the aggregation affects of YPD in DI/DDW and D2O. If I can achieve an adapted form of yeast, growing in D2O YPD could be beneficial all around (cost effective).