Individual cells grown in DDW and D2O

These images were acquired last week (Thursday evening).

It was discovered that individual cells of D2O adapted yeast are very rod like and potentially fissionable. This indicates either one of two things: (1) there has been contamination and this is either a fissionable yeast or bacteria, (2) D2O fucks shit up really messes with cells and these are really distressed. I’m inclined to believe it is contamination since I wasn’t personally overseeing the yeast propagation for almost 3 weeks.

So to check, (1)  I will regrow the yeast cells from the beginning with antibiotics, (2) grow a sample of this stuff with antibiotics, and (3) reintroduce these cells to DDW for a few days to see if the growth reverts back to wt yeast. Any of those experiments could reveal the truth, but I don’t think my yeast is antibiotic resistant so I’d have to figure out some way to achieve that.

The biggest issue is that money is getting tight and D2O and DDW is expensive, so I’ll need to develop some cost cutting methods.