@figshare T-shirt contest: Photobombing/Meme-ing

Ms. DNLee won the last t-shirt contest with this suggestion:

Meme: folks can share photos of them doing and/or sharing science, perhaps on their blog/tumblr/FB/twitter etc.


Photobomb: have folks print the figshare logo & place it in pictures of science &/or outreach action scenes.


So for this week’s contest I’ll give you all the option to do either of these two things, and I’m leaving everything open ended. If you elect to do the photobombing use the figshare logo or my open science icon. And anyone is eligible for entry! I will select two winners, one from each category (photobombing, meme). The winner will be selected based on how awesome or funny your image is. Totally objective!! The contest ends Monday night at 11:59pm MST, because I want you to come up with some really awesome stuff! I know, I love you too.

How to submit:

Since my commenting system can handle image uploads we’ll host the photo gallery there and we’ll move it later. Or (and more preferably) you can upload the images to figshare (create an account and add a figure/media post) and tag the image “figshare photobomb”. If you use option 2, link your upload in the comments here so I can find it.

When using my comments you can log in via facebook, twitter, gmail, disqus, or with regular email. And if you care about social media you may want to log in via that so your awesome image can be shown to your followers.

With all that said, good luck to everyone! Remember sharing is caring!