D2O Adapted Yeast Colony Morphology

via figshare:

D2O Adapted Yeast Colony Morphology. Anthony Salvagno. figshare.
Retrieved 21:36, Nov 15, 2012 (GMT)

These images and the final comparison image (and ALL the original raw files from the camera) are available via the figshare link above. These images were also taken after this post, ie the conditions are the same.

Images were acquired at 10x magnification and the scale is 1um/px. The largest image is 1959×1925 px (the larger D2O yeast on normal agar) and the smallest image is 1462x1749px (the D2O yeast on D2O).

As you can see there is quite the interesting phenomenon here. The interesting thing is that there is something morphologically different about the D2O adapted yeast. The reason for that thinking is because the yeast colony retains its brainy shape when placed on normal media, as compared to the wt yeast on the normal agar (smooth circle). Before I make any bold claims about what may be happening here, I need to read some papers about yeast morphology.

Also if anyone wants a glycerol stock of this strain of yeast to run some tests on it, I’d be happy to send it to you. I personally don’t have the means to perform any advanced tests so any experimentation is welcomed!

I’d love to hear what you all think!