#SciFund Challenge Contest

Today is the first day of Round 3 of the #Scifund Challenge! As you may or may not recall, I was a participant of the challenge and it was such a wonderful experience that I wanted to help the third round. After all, I’m SciFund for life!

To celebrate the #SciFund Challenge Round 3 I thought I’d host a contest in hopes of getting some projects funded. All you need to do is pick a project and promote it! Leave a comment below saying which project you are promoting and where you are promoting it (please stick to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+). I’m on each network so find me so I can follow your progress.

Twitter: @thescienceofant – tweet #SciFund and @mention me

Facebook: Anthony Salvagno – friend me so I can like your post

Google+: Anthony Salvagno – add me to your circle and I’ll create a circle for Scifund promotion

The winner is the person who has the most retweets, likes, shares, comments, etc. You can repromote your choice campaign as well (those won’t count as a retweet, etc, but any shares from your reshare count toward your total). The contest will end tomorrow night (11/13/2012) at 11:59pm.

The winner will receive a bad ass business card design from IheartAnthony (my graphic design company), and we’ll talk about options for that when you receive notice of your victory. But for now let’s go #SciFund!