@figshare T-shirt contest contest results

Thanks to everyone who submitted contest ideas! Your ideas were not only thoughtful, fun, and open science advocating, but they also gave me offshoot ideas for contests! Inspiration rocks!

Unfortunately I only have 3 shirts and am giving away 1 today so that I can give away two more in a future contest. Hopefully I can get my hands on some more open science swag to give away to all of you.

But with all that said here are the results honorable mentions first with the winner at the end:

Honorable Mentions

  • Raquel Verdejo – “Tweet a 140 character microstory about sharing science” In the age of twitter and social media, it’s really in the spirit to promote open science in as short and quick a way possible. This contest idea also gave me the idea to have an open science haiku contest! Creativity rules!!!
  • Piotr Migdal – “Get most views for a single document published today on figshare” Promoting people who publish open data/publications (since you can upload anything to figshare) is a phenomenal way to provide incentive to open scientists. And if someone gets a collaboration or a new discovery is made because of that promotion than hopefully we can all take the next step to full open access to science.
  • Per M Knudsen – “Convince n friends/colleagues to submit k works to figshare (must be new users). Then, ask them about their experience using figshare to prove participation (like a short testimonial, say 1 paragraph)” What better way to get scientists engaged in open science than by giving them free stuff!



Meme: folks can share photos of them doing and/or sharing science, perhaps on their blog/tumblr/FB/twitter etc.


Photobomb: have folks print the figshare logo & place it in pictures of science &/or outreach action scenes. Depending on how much management you want to do, feature pics on your site or have them submit to Flickr with special tag…


I liked this the best because I like creative options. That and having something science-y go global via a potential meme would be amazing. The majority of the world has very little understanding of what open science is and how regular science is different. Let’s change that! Plus I have an image that I would love to see spread around and become the face of the open science movement.

I’ll start a photobomb contest this Thursday and leave it open all weekend to give you all time to photobomb the world with open science. Can’t wait!