D2O Adaptation Day 33 Time Trial Results

Via figshare:

Yeast Adaptation Day 33. Anthony Salvagno. figshare.
Retrieved 21:48, Oct 31, 2012 (GMT)

I assure you this data was uploaded yesterday once I took the 24 hour measurements of the cells. That measurement was actually an additional data point I felt added to the data and provided the typical shape of the growth curve of yeast.

With regards to this data, it seems the D2O strain that I’ve been working on is adapting to D2O and its growth is not all that different from yeast grown in DDW, which in past experiments is definitely not the case (Day 1, Day 6, Time Trial 5, Time Trial 4, etc). I compared this growth to the growth of the previous experiments of Days 1 and 6 and got this figure, which shows the results side by side.

More data is needed (and will be attained) but this looks pretty good. Onward!