D2O Adaptation Day 12

So the Balloon Fiesta was this weekend and I didn’t get an opportunity to get in lab. But it didn’t much matter because the results I got Thursday and Friday of last week were not consistent/reliable. Out of that frustration I did an ONS no no and didn’t write any posts. That and I had no time because I was working on my SACNAS poster. Regardless, I hold myself accountable and make no excuses (except for the ones I mentioned above).

I’ll post my results later this afternoon from those days. I thought there were issues with the nanodrop, turns out evaporation from my blank cuvette was the culprit. A while ago I measured an appropriate volume to fill my cuvettes so I don’t waste too much yeast. I discovered that 400ul worked well. Thus I filled all my cuvettes to that volume. Additionally the blank cuvette gets for extended periods of time. After about a week or so the volume reduces to around 300ul which I discovered the nanodrop has a difficult time reading at that volume. So therein lies my issues from last week. Today I made a new blank cuvette to take readings from.

On Friday I innoculated some culture from the Thursday (Day 8) samples. Today I measured the results of that growth (72h later) and innoculated new cultures. Here are the measurements:

  • 50% D2O (5th Gen) – 3.145 at 72h
  • 99% D2O (5th Gen) – 2.958 at 72h
  • 50% D2O (6th Gen) – 1.101 at 0h
  • 99% D2O (6th Gen) – 0.669 at 0h

As I said, I’ll publish the failed results later this afternoon. I have a presentation on Open Notebook Science to give at 1:30 for the PNMGC. Wish me luck!

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