D2O Adaptation Day 7

Another day another dollar… or something.


I set up another culture of D2O and 50% D2O for little yeast to grow in: 9ml of D2O YPD mixed with 1ml of culture from generation 2; 3.5ml of D2O YPD with 3.5ml of DDW YPD and 400ul of 50/50 culture from generation 2. I ran out of D2O hence the reason for the smaller volume than normal. Tomorrow I will try a larger culture.

And here are the measurements from yesterday’s growth and today’s starter measurements:

  • Gen 2 D2O – 2.777 at 48h
  • Gen 2 50% D2O – 3.064 at 48h
  • Gen 3 D2O – 0.865 at 0h
  • Gen 3 50% D2O – 0.419 at 0h