D2O Adaptation Day 6: Time Trials

Yesterday’s cultures incubated very well. In just 24 hours the absorbance tripled. I don’t have enough data yet to confirm if that is high, average, or low, but I feel it is pretty decent (which is me taking an optimistic middle ground). Unrecorded yesterday, I started a DDW sample from a single colony for today’s time trial. Let’s check out the stats:

  • DDW – 3.018
  • 50% D2O (this is labeled as 50/50 in the spreadsheet) – 2.776 (started at 0.61)
  • 99% D2O – 1.873 (started at 0.618)

To setup the time trials, I inoculated 1ml of each of the above samples in 9ml of YPD (of each respective type, with 50% D2O being 4.5ml of DDW YPD and 4.5ml of D2O YPD). I will record the growth hourly via the nanodrop.

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