#Scio13: A Collection of all the Open Notebooks in the World

One of the things that I hope to achieve at ScienceOnline 2013 is to be more aware of who else is doing ONS. We are such a small community right now that it is important that we collect and curate a list of all the open notebooks around the planet. I don’t mind curating this list, but I need help!

And you can help!

If you have an open notebook, or know of one please link to it here in the comments.

Why would we want a list of open notebooks?

Well as open notebook scientists we should stick together. Having easy access to other notebooks allows us to share our experiences with each other. Plus it would be fun to keep track of what others are doing and read about interesting science in real-time! Also having a maintained network of open notebooks would allow other scientists to easily follow current work in real-time. Another reason for having a network of open notebooks is to encourage others to join the movement. Hopefully through sheer numbers others can see that we are a collective force of excellent scientists and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?