Planning for #scio13 – The impact of electronic/open notebooks on science #opennotebookscience

I’m starting this thread for anyone to comment on to drop some ideas about what we should all talk about when it comes to electronic and open notebook science. I have some goals for the session that I’ll jot down below, and I hope you all share what you’re goals for the session are. If you can come to ScienceOnline 2013 I hope you’ll come talk with us, and if not then I hope you’ll join the conversation on twitter. Either way, share your thoughts on the future of ONS below!

  • Anthony Salvagno

    For people new to ScienceOnline and new to open notebook science, sessions are not hour long presentations. At SciO sessions, moderators lead discussions with the entire audience. We don’t want to hear ourselves speak for an hour. We want to involve the community because SciO is a community event! With that said, be ready to talk both online (via Twitter or elsewhere) and in person!

    If you are new to open notebook science and would like some information I have a lot of resources available. Check out my posts at Science Exchange for a crash course into ONS: And feel free to poke around my notebook. Most of the ONS stuff can be found via the Open Notebook Info category here:

  • Anthony Salvagno

    I think it would be great to have supporters in the session to explain how they support ONS. Examples include: figshare, The Open Science Federation, Library of Congress Online Archivists, university librarians, BenchFly, crowdfunding platforms (ie SciFund,, Who else should be included to be recruited to our session?