pALS PCR 5: results – SUCCESSFUL

Here is the setup from yesterday.

I ran a 0.8% gel prestained with Sybr Safe and viewed with the invitrogen illuminator for this stain.

And below is the image of the gel taken with my crappy-ass camera phone (Droid Bionic).


Yay! The reaction finally worked! Well mostly. It worked in lanes 6-10, which correspond to one of the reactions from the OpenPCR and 4 of the reactions from the ThermoCycler. I will assume the 5th reaction worked as well. That reaction is not visualized because there are only 10 lanes in the gel and there are 10 reactions plus the DNA ladder so one would need to be left out.

I did a reaction cleanup with Novagen PCR Cleanup. I couldn’t find my Qiaquick PCR cleanup kit and this was all I thought I had. After cleanup, I found my Qiaquick kit and will use that next time.

The nanodrop says there are 35.3ng/ul of PCR product which correlates to ~13nM. That isn’t great but it’s a start. Moving on… FINALLY!!!