Thermo PCR Sprint (“ThermoCycler”) Programmed T vs Recorded T

This experiment is a follow up to yesterday’s experimental results. Instead of trying to program the ThermoCycler by guessing, I decided to record the temperatures of various different T settings. Basically I would pick a T and try to get the recorded value near the T’s needed for the pALS PCR protocol.

I put the machine in manual mode so I can change the T when I needed to and I would take data points at 30 seconds for melting and annealing temperatures and at 30s and 5 minutes for extending T. This is how long I would be doing that step during the PCR reaction so it seemed to make sense. Below is a chart of the Set T and the recorded T at each interval.

Below that is the data of the recorded T.

The recorded temperatures of the PCR Sprint thermal cycler.

Figshare Data:

PCR Sprint Programmed T vs Recorded T. Anthony Salvagno. figshare.
Retrieved 18:51, Aug 23, 2012 (GMT)

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