PCR machine testing: Day 2

I can only run two PCR reactions in a day, and originally I planned for four, but now I’m going to be doing 5. Why?

  • Well first I ran the OpenPCR pALS program with mineral oil in the tube and found out the connections were faulty so the data collection was erroneous (I would get values like -78C).
  • Then I ran the ThermoCycler pBSTXI program (pBSTXI is the original name for my pALS plasmid) with water in the reaction tube and the water evaporated!
  • Next I ran the OpenPCR pALS program again, this time with water in the reaction tube, and that water evaporated as well.
  • Now I’m running the ThermoCycler pBSTXI program with oil in the reaction tube to compare the results.
  • Tomorrow manana (that’s morning for the non-Spanish speaking) I’ll be running the OpenPCR pALS program one last time with oil in the tube again to get better data than the first run.

I’ll be publishing all the data sets at once even the bad data, because it’s open science and I can’t be open if I’m not 100% open. It’s all or nothing. Or at least that’s what my brain says the rules are.

Here is a sneak peak at the data (full data will be posted to figshare tomorrow):