Shotgun DNA Mapping DNA Supplies

I had to do a bit of reorganizing. Since I’ve been reordering new supplies, I can easily get confused between what I need and what I don’t. So I’m conglomerating all the things that I do into one box and everything else will get shoveled away to be lost for all eternity. Here is a picture of the items that I need immediately and what they are:

Top Row (from left): 100ng/ul pALS (1/2011), 100ng/ul pALS (8/2012), 1.5ng/ul pALS (for PCR use, from 1/2011), R4000-no-label 207uM (2011), R4000 107uM (2011), F50 50uM (2011), F50-no-label 214uM (2011)
Row Two (from left): lambda DNA 500ug/ml, 1kb ladder, 1kb ladder, 100bp ladder, pUC19 100pg/ul, 10um R4000-no-label (2011), 10uM R4000 (2011), 10uM F50 (2011), 10uM F50-no-label (2011)
Row Three (from left): pBluescript II KS (-) 1ug/ml, pBR322 1mg/ml, 10uM R4500 (2011), 187uM R4500 (2011)
Row Four: SpBR >200nM


  • Added Top Adapter (from IDT) – 530uM 8/13/2012
  • Measured concentrations of pALS – pALS from 1/2011 is 96ng/ul; pALS from 8/2012 is 160ng/ul