The Open IGERT

Ladies and Gentlemen, our IGERT proposal that is centered around data management with an open science approach is finally completed and submitted! I’m linking the 99.9% completed proposal (as it was in Google Docs) below. The final version was amended in Word to meet NSF guidelines and modified for spelling/grammar errors.

I would like to thank Alan Marnett of BenchFly, Mark Hahnel of figshare, Kristen Ratan of PLOS, the Computer Science department at Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja, Heather Armstrong and Abhaya Datye of the NSMS IGERT, Linda Bugge and Marek Osinski of the INCBN IGERT, Johannes Van Reenen, and especially Monica Fishel for all your help and support in putting this proposal together. Together we put together a program that I would be extremely excited to be a part of were this program around when I  was an IGERT fellow.

I would also like to thank my Co-PI’s Robert Olendorf, Lori Townsend, Kathleen Keating, Julie Coonrod, and Tim Lowrey.  Without them, I would not have had this opportunity to make such an impact on science. I would just be a lowly grad student wishing I could do something, but this team has made the dream a hopeful reality.

In celebration of the submission, I will highlight the most exciting aspects of this proposal and show you all exactly what I have in mind in terms of educating future scientists to be open scientists. There are so many innovations included and I am 110% confident I can make all of them a reality, I just hope our NSF reviewers can see that.

Without further adieu, here is the full proposal to hold you over until I get to break it down piece by piece:

Creating the new scientist – Training graduate students in open science and informatics