Anchor DNA Sequences

See here for the background behind everything contained below. Note: For now I’m going to link sequences from OWW here. I was going to put the entire sequence, but that would make this page sorta sloppy and it could get lost. So I’m going to make a page that contains all the sequences necessary for Shotgun DNA Mapping.

  • pRL574– This is a non-commercial plasmid provided by Robert Landick. We have a very small supply so I will have to do some cloning to make an infinite supply!
    • primers – according to notes that I have on OWW and Google Docs I’ve had success with F834-dig as the forward primer (and might be the only primer I have in the lab), R2008 and R1985 as the reverse primers. The difference between the two reverse primers is the length of the PCR sequence, which turns out to be a difference of 23bp.
  • pALS– designed by me, purchased and built by DNA 2.0. I’ should have enough for a few PCR reactions, but I may need to clone to replenish my stocks.
    • primers – primer R4500 would bind in two places on the plasmid so I made R4000 to fix this issue. I’ll have to check my paperwork to see which primer has the dig. I think it is supposed to be on the reverse end, but I can’t be sure.