Candidacy Forms Map

I’m basically making a “site” map so I can find the forms that I’ve been emailed and filled in, in case there are issues in the future, I can find them and pull them up again. Easily.

Here are the useful items:

  • AC_doctoral FORM-Salvagno.doc (My Documents on bioware) – this form is the most up to date form with my PhD credits moved to the Masters section (since they apply for both degrees) and 4 courses in the minor section (for the NSMS minor).
  • Email from ricoh, subject “Message from RNPEEED05,” date July 19 2012- contains the minor form signed but unfinished
  • Email from Alisa, subject “candidacy,” date July 18 2012 – contains information from OGS about minor and has form “AC_doctoral FORM-Salvagno Revision.doc” which moved a bunch of credits from the minor section to the PhD section. This will have to be moved back down in subsequent editions if it gets used.
  • Email from Heather and Alisa, subject “Minor Paperwork,” date July 17, 2012 – contains the minor form in .pdf (can’t save with fields filled in) and some conversations where I discover the Candidacy information never got submitted.
  • POS – Masters-Salvagno.doc (My Documents on bioware) – is the program of studies that I submitted for my Masters degree. Since I actually have the degree, this paperwork isn’t very useful anymore, but still worth noting where it is in case something goes down.