Yeast Time Trials in DI, DDW, and D2O: Trial 5 Setup

I set up the starter cultures yesterday. Today is the day to track the growth over time. The only differences between this experiment and the ones I’ve done in the past is that this time I’m: (1) using higher volumes of YPD (total of 25ml) and (2) only doing three samples (DI, DDW, and 99% D2O) instead of the normal five (DI, DDW, 30%, 60%, and 99% D2O). I just didn’t have enough made YPD to do the other two samples.

Here is my setup:

  1. I’m using 2 small flasks and 1 small beaker. I only have 2 flasks so the beaker is an improvisation. I think they are all 50-80ml beakers/flasks but I’ll have to verify this. (Update: They are all 50ml glassware.)
  2. I added 22.5ml of each YPD type to the glassware.
  3. I added 2.5ml of each YPD starter culture to the glassware + YPD
  4. Put in the incubator/shaker at 125rpm and 30C.
  5. Record absorbance every hour.***
    1. blank with each type of ypd (ie measure the DI YPD culture after blanking with DI YPD, etc).
    2. I’m using semi-micro cuvettes and measuring with a NanoDrop 2000c (see experiment products page)

***I had some meetings this morning so my first time point is a half hour after I started incubation. And my second time point is 2 hours later. Every point after that is 60 minutes apart. See data for explanation.