Yeast Time Trials in DI, DDW, and D2O: Trial 5 Results

Via figshare:

Yeast Hourly Growth in DI, DDW, and 99% D2O. Anthony Salvagno. figshare.
Retrieved 21:15, Jul 03, 2012 (GMT)


  • I had a meeting this morning regarding the IGERT I speak so frequently of. That means the timed data wasn’t so consistent in the beginning. I took my first time point about 25 minutes after I set up the experiment. And then I took my second time point 2 hours later. The raw data will show that I took the first time point about 20 minutes later, but I assure you the time difference was more than that.
  • I did take the rest of the time points an hour apart.
  • I spilled a considerable amount of the D2O sample (which was in the beaker), maybe like 30-40% of it after I took the first time point.
  • In data news, I find it really strange that the yeast in D2O didn’t grow nearly as much as it did in the past. I’m wondering if the new setup had anything to do with that.
  • Also it looks like yeast in DDW grew more than the yeast in DI. Again I’ll have to do another run to verify, but I feel like this could be a real result.
  • The added volume definitely improved the results, as the yeast remained suspended in the flasks. In the previous trials I would get considerable settling because the test tubes wouldn’t swirl as much. Much better setup.

So the moral of this story is, I’ll have to do another trial of this setup. Fine by me! Whatever it takes to get good results that are repeatable. That’s the nature of open notebook science!