An icon for open science

Some of you may have seen this picture I created in 2010.

I’m quite fond of it. I originally created it for a Science Commons t-shirt contest, which I did not win (but was told it was close, but probably not with this image). Regardless I’ve been using it ever since as my go to open science icon. I even put it in my #Scifund challenge proposal on Rockethub.

Well I realized that I haven’t been very sharing or caring with regards to this picture. That’s not intentional of course, as I don’t think there is anything that I wouldn’t be willing to share with someone unless I am eating. So here is the .png. Unfortunately I can’t upload the original .ai file, but I can upload that to figshare or something. So if you are interested in playing around with the original, I’ll upload it.

Feel free to use this image as you see fit regardless but just add a “Thanks Ant,” “Thanks IheartAnthony,” “IheartAnthony’s image. Do you?” or “Thanks @thescienceofant” to your remix or your distribution. I’ll be just fine with that! Oh and do send me a link to your remixed work. I’d love to see where you are using this or what you’ve done with it!