Yeast Starter Cultures for Higher Volume Time Trial:Trial 5

Today I’m starting another starter culture for what will be the 5th experiment in this series of experiments. I’ve been getting mildly consistent data so I’m amping up production (in the form of volume) to see if the results change or become more consistent. I say mildly because the results across all experiments are similar (DI and DDW grow the most and then there is gradual declines in growth as D2O is added). But on a deeper level, time points typically cross paths or absorbance numbers decline temporarily. I’m hoping that it is the nature of the setup of the experiments as they are now, and that by increasing the volume of YPD for growth, there won’t be these minor inconsistencies. We’ll find out though!


  1. Prepare 3 autoclaved and cleaned test tubes for YPD addition.
  2. Add 10ml of DI, DDW, and D2O YPD (that is YPD diluted in each water type) to each test tube.
  3. Inoculate a cell culture in each test tube.
  4. Place starter cultures in incubator/shaker at 30C and 150rpm.
  5. Check the next morning