Starter Cultures Failed Again!

So of the 6 starter cultures I made (2 of each water type: DI, DDW, D2O) only one sample grew and interestingly and amazingly enough it was the D2O sample! Well today I’m giving it one more go.With the same setup, just using a fresh batch of yeast. The yeast I bought from came in some solution, and I created about 20 aliquots from that solution. So from one aliquot I inoculated 4 new samples (2 DI, 1 DDW, and 1 D2O). And I streaked some from this aliquot one an agar plate.

On top of that I inoculated some of the yeast that had grown in the 1 YPD D2O culture into all the failed cultures. I just want to see if they’ll grow from an established colony.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.