Yeast Time Trial Growth: Starter Culture Setup

This is, I believe, the fourth trial of doing yeast growth time points. I setup the starter cultures and made some new YPD broth and here is how I did it:

  1. I still had some YPD from the last time I made broth, so I used that for the starter cultures.
    1. 10ml of each type of YPD (DI, DDW, and D2O) in test tubes
    2. Inoculated a single colony from agar media into each sample
    3. Mix, cover, and incubate at 30C at 150RPM in shaker.
  2. To make YPD broth:
    1. Measure appropriate amount of YPD powder for each sample (5g for DI and DDW, 4.6g for D2O)
    2. Measure out water (100ml of DDW and DI, 92ml of D2O)
    3. Stir in beaker
    4. Use syringe and filters to filter large particles and possible microbes in water/broth and syringe into closeable bottles.
    5. Place in fridge for storage.


  • There was a bunch of mold in some samples of the yeast colonies, so I threw those out in biowaste. In some other samples, the colonies were overgrown so I also put those in biowaste. I started another agar media colony (just streak a colony onto a ypd agar plate, pre-purchased) to replenish my stash.
  • I used only 92ml of D2O because that is all there was in the bottle. Since I’m using 50g/L ypd powder that means I need 4.6g of powder for my liquid media. Hence the numbers provided above.

Tomorrow begins the time trials, yay!