We’ve done it! $2000 for open science! http://rkthb.co/7531

I’m truly humbled by the amount of people who have come out to support my project. I am eternally grateful. Honestly, I never imagined that I would hit $2000 but we banded together and got it done.

There is still time though and excess funds would be used to buy even more water (especially since a few new experiment ideas would cost about $400 just for one day!).

If you are in line for a graphic design reward, I’ll get those to you by the end of June. After all, I need to design them!

In the coming days I’ll have posts about my experience with #scifund, making my proposal, and the overall success of scifund along with whatever random thoughts pop into my head.

Thanks everyone for your efforts and showing that the public cares about science and would directly want to support it. I love you all!