The Open IGERT Proposal

I’ve been saying for months that I want to submit a proposal to the NSF for an open science IGERT. Well the call for such a proposal dropped into my lab a week ago and UNM is doing a limited competition to pick the best proposal to send into the NSF.

Since I’m an open notebook scientist and everything, I’m going to write this proposal openly despite my actual fears about doing so. Because it’s best to be open!

Some key aspects of the proposal are that the NSF is looking to train students in the ways of data management and to do science in the 21st century. So I’m pairing with UNM Library Scientist Rob Olendorf to design an open science repository for UNM students (for data, blogs, notebooks, etc) and we are going to train students on modern data management techniques and how to do science openly, online.

Right now, these thoughts are still being hashed out but you can see the progress we’re making in this document:

IGERT Proposal

And if you haven’t checked out my rockethub project please do so!