Shameful self promotion

Everyone always says shameless, so I’m going to begrudgingly promote myself and do it very shamefully (in case you can’t be full of shame and be grudged).

Anyways, a couple weeks ago Mark Hahnel asked me if I had any kind words to say about figshare, and if I did would I mind speaking them aloud. I said sure, and then proceeded to talk to the empty lab about how great figshare was. I reported back the results of the empty conversation, and Mark explained that he meant that I write a post about them for the SoapBox Science Blog over at Nature.

So I got in touch with Laura Wheeler, and I started a Google Doc so she could real-time review my post. I wrote and she told me it was all wrong (actually she was very supportive!) and I wrote some more. The real-time collaboration would have been awesome if I didn’t go days between edits. But nonetheless, eventually the post was finished and she published it to SoapBox Science. Here is the link:

Woohoo! I’m published in Nature bitches!

And so that completes my story. I regretfully inform you that my boasting did not fill me with joy in the slightest bit, and I wish I hadn’t even mentioned this post at all. Nor do I wish I had mentioned it on Twitter a couple times, and I especially wish no one had tweeted my story either. But what’s done is done, and I can’t change the past, nor can I tell people to stop doing it in the future. I’ll just have to live with the repercussions.

Take that UNM administration who thinks that online science is useless, and see no merit or value in open science.

Again I apologize for burdening you with the post…


IhateAnthony, do you?