Starter Cultures in DDW, DI, and 30%, 60%, and 99% D2O

Tomorrow I’ll be running the same experiment I ran yesterday, only this time I did a much better job preparing the cultures and the liquid media. The broth setup can be found here.

Today I initialized the starter cultures in each water type. The liquid media was made in 99% DDW and 99% D2O and the partial medias are a mix of each water type in the appropriate ratios. Here is my setup:

  1. 5 test tubes were filled 10ml with each media type.
    1. 10ml – 99% DDW
    2. 10ml – DI water
    3. 10ml – 99% D2O
    4. 3ml 99% D2O, 7ml 99% DDW – 30% D2O
    5. 6ml 99% D2O, 4ml 99% DDW – 60% D2O
  2. Single colonies were plucked from this plate, and put into each test tube.
  3. Cultures were put in incubator/shaker at 37C at 150rpm for overnight incubation.

Tomorrow I’ll be repeating yesterday’s experiments with each of these samples, taking time measurements every hour all day long. Happy, happy, joy, joy!