Things to bring up in class tomorrow

  • mention updating figshare data from lab 5 to include 308L2012 tag
    • make sure data is public
    • add me as author
  • upload other lab data if you want to be a badass and really contribute to science
  • share arduino project notes:
    • only some people have mentioned anything in any detail
    • only some people have even mentioned what they are going to do for their project
  • read each others’ projects and contribute!
  • this week keep detailed information about item costs and device build (this will make the instructable entry much easier)
  • need a notebook entry about your thoughts on ONS and what you think of the notebook platform you chose
    • be brutally honest, if you loved it explain why, if you hated it talk about why
    • for grade
  • also need another notebook entry about figshare, again be brutally honest
    • for grade
  • finally need notebook entry about class, again be brutally honest, we want to know how to make next year’s class and other class’s better based on your feedback. i want best parts of class and worst parts.
    • for grade
  • Steve Koch

    Due dates should be clarified for these items — especially the “brutally honest” ones.