Yeast and E. coli Day 2

First off, how come yeast has a common  name but E. coli doesn’t? Can we call it shitus?

Anyways yesterday Alex and I did some follow up work after starting some cultures. She did a good job notebooking the experience so I won’t double up on her thoughts. Check that out here.

We took some pictures of the e.coli and the yeast which turned out pretty bad. I’ll have to try and take some better images today or something. In general though it looks like the yeast we have isn’t what we thought it was. It may not be a mutant of S. cerevisiae but may be some version of Schizosaccaramyces pombe (I hope I spelled that right, I like the first name a lot) because it looked nothing like budding yeast.

The result of this is that I will be ordering some new yeast straight up from that is of some variety that I commented on in Alex’s notebook (hopefully).